Aldemar - Olympian Village Aldemar - Olympian Village Aldemar - Olympian Village Aldemar - Olympian Village

FIPSE-1 Location

The conference location was at Aldemar - Olympian Village, a five star Resort Hotel in the Skafidia in Western Peloponnese. The location is 25 km west of the ancient Olympic cite and only 300 km from the airport in Athens. It is accessible by car and by public transportation. See the Local Transportation link for detailed information.

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Conference Hotel: Aldemar Hotels - Olympian Village

GPS Coordinates to the Hotel are: Latitude: 37 42 20 N and Longitude: 21 19 35 E

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Other Noteworthy Locations in Peloponnese

FIPSE Trustees
Dominique Bonvin
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland
Michael Doherty
University of California-Santa Barbara, USA
Christos Georgakis, Chair
Tufts University, USA
Costas Kiparissides
University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Wolfgang Marquardt
RWTH-Aachen, Germany
Erik Ydstie
Carnegie Mellon University, USA
FIPSE Information Center
Robin Craven
Conference Manager